Workshops & Seminars

We have had some great workshops and seminars with international groups of students at the Leibniz University of Hanover, Munich Business School in Munich and the University of Hamburg (PIASTA) – see photo – helping them to find their personal career paths.

We now look forward to more exciting events in December! Here is an overview of the cities we’ll be in where you can meet us for more workshops and presentations at educational fairs:

  • Nov 30th – Dec 1st Together with our partner CONCIS GROUP!, we will conduct a Design Thinking workshop with 750 students at a school near Dortmund
  • Dec 5th We’ll be holding a presentation on how to apply for your Master’s degree at the MASTER AND MORE fair in Frankfurt
  • Dec 10th – 11thWe give a workshop on job applications in North America and Western Europe at the Free University of Berlin
  • Dec 16th – 18thWe do an application training for Master’s students and job hunters in Berlin

If you want to register for any of these, send us an e-mail.

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