Work-Life Balance

TED talk pic Blogpost 19.08.2015 klein

Pause for a moment and get inspired to turn your life around by watching Nigel Marsh’s fresh, humorous, and mocking TED Talk about the balance between family time, personal time and productivity.

As recent graduates from university you are probably highly motivated to enter the working world and really want to land your dream job possibly at one of the large global enterprises out there. Regardless of your job choice, whether it is at a big company or a start-up at some point you will face the topic of work-life balance.

Before you get lost in the so-called “rat race” and are convinced that simply adding going to the gym to your life is enough of a “balance” – listen to what Nigel Marsh shared with the world in May 2010. On the one hand he reminds us how easily you can actually fail to acknowledge the reality you are in and on the other hand, he shares how easy it can be to live your life not only in a balanced but also truly happy way.

Got some insight you’d like to share with us and our readers on how you manage your work-life balance? Feel free to comment below and share this article with everyone you know! ☺

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