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It’s no secret that employess research job candicates’ social media profiles to help them make hiring decisions. What does that mean for you?

On the one hand, you should make sure to clean up your online profiles. This does not mean that you need to get rid of all your photos. However, you need to make sure that your photos are not provocative or embarassing in any way. We all have a personal life; just be cautious about what you post and make sure it is clean because all the information you put online about yourself and the way you communicate in social media can be read by potential employers.

On the other hand you can use your social media accounts to your advantage and create a meaningful online presence. You can e.g. use your online profiles as a résume and actively participate and connect with others in the online world. This can reflect that you are up to speed with the latest technologies – you stay in touch with your colleagues, expand your prefessional network and are open to new opportunities. No matter which social media channel you use (LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing, or Twitter), every social network has its own unique characterictis and best practices to help you showcase your expertise and tell the world who you are as a person.

So use your social media accounts to your advantage and create a strong personal brand of yourself for when a hiring manager finds you.

For more tips and tricks on each social network check out this Business News Daily article.

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