Undergraduates often already have a clear vision of which company they would like to work for. Now the question is: what exactly is it that makes these companies so attractive?

242 061 students from Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, France, Great Britain, Canada, India, Italy, Japan, Russia and the US who study business or engineering have been asked this exact question in the annual Universum survey. Essential factors increasing a company’s attractiveness, which have been mentioned by the interviewed students are: a high income, secure employment, professional training and development options as well as the opportunity to work in a creative and dynamic team.

Are you looking for employers who support their employees to perform, reach their full potential and allows them to develop themselves not only professionally but also personally?

Then check out the Universum ranking of the world’s most attractive employers in 2015 to discover the most popular companies to work for in 2015.

For your information: if you don’t understand German, you’ll need to find a friend to help you translate this website.

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