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We often get asked whether you should include your personal interests and hobbies on your CV. A lot of people actually think it’s too personal to include details about their leisure time and will leave this section out completely. However, hobbies and interests are actually very useful and valuable for employers to get an overall impression of you.

In our world today young graduates have probably gone to a great university – just like you, spent some time studying or working abroad and can mention big names of companies they have gathered some work experience at. All of these aspects are highly important on your CV but they won’t really tell you much about who you are on a personal level. And think about it, if you start working at a company, you’ll spend a lot of time with your colleagues. So the hiring managers want to make sure that you – as a person – fit into the company culture. Your hobbies and interests are the only aspect on your CV, which you can use to show them what else besides working and studying interests you, what you are passionate about. Mentioning your hobbies also shows them that you know how to relax, have fun and know how to create a work-life balance for yourself.

Your hobbies and interests are also another place where you can show some of your characteristics between the lines (without bragging about them). For example, being a member at a sports club shows that you are a team player who is responsible and active in a community. Photography as another example can resemble you having an artistic and creative side as well as an eye for detail.

If you are still not convinced that you should list your hobbies on your CV, check out more advice in this article by TheGuardian.

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