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USC at Royals & Rice

This week FREIGANG AC is part of the USC Experiential Corporate Environment Learning program and welcomed 28 students plus two members of faculty from the University of Southern California (USC) to Berlin last night. We had a wonderful evening at ‘Royals & Rice’ where together with the Concis Group, we introduced the group to Design Thinking and highlighted some of the cultural differences that exist between the U.S. and Germany when doing business.

Cultural differences are fascinating to discover and explore. What better opportunity do people have to do this first-hand than to go abroad – whether it is for a 1-week program like USC’s, a semester at a partner university or for an entire degree or internship. Spending some time abroad does not only make you more attractive for potential future employers once you graduate. It also allows you to grow personally – you become more independent, culturally sensitive and learn to appreciate your origins.

If you want to hear 12 more reasons why spending some time abroad is one of the best things you can do in life, then check out this Lifehack article.

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