Educational and career fair in Münster


Another HORIZON fair is taking place this coming weekend on March 7th and 8th, 2015 in Münster, Germany. You can get in for free and meet numerous universities and companies to find out what they have to offer. You will also find various presentations, workshops and group talks you can attend, which cover topics such as studying abroad, volunteering programs and financing your studies. Get more information on the HORIZON website and recommend the fair to a friend via e-mail.

FREIGANG AC will be at the fair offering a workshop at the SEMINARKANTINE (Saturday, 07/03 at 11:15AM) and holding a presentation on applications to universities in Europe and North America (Saturday, 07/03 at 1:00PM as well as Sunday, 08/03 at 2:30PM). We look forward to meeting you there!

For your information: if you don’t understand German, you will need to find a friend to help you translate the website.

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