Applications 2.0 – we’re not there yet!

By now we should have arrived in the age of applications 2.0 given the fact that we use social media in order to find jobs or receive job offers. The Indeed Assessment Study 2016 (discussed in the current XING News) however, shows us that the companies we apply to are not there yet regarding job application processes.

During the study, job applicants and companies were asked about their preferences and experiences with job application processes. The results partially reflect huge differences in opinion with respect to the Cover Letter, for example. Job applicants consider it as a nuisance whereas companies think of it as an important component, which on the one side allows them to evaluate the articulateness of candidates. On the other side it indicates how interested candidates actually are and how much effort they put into their applications. The Indeed Assessment Study also uncovers that most companies still prefer applications in paper form or via e-mail. Apparently we still have to wait a while until we can submit our applications through social media channels or via smartphones.

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