10 movies business students should watch

Have you watched the movies “Wall Street”, “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Barbarians at the Gate”? To learn some lessons about the business world, students often have to work on case studies during their university programs. They read a story, for example, about an event that happened at a company and then have to perform analyses, participate in role plays or do group presentations. A more entertaining and memorable way to not only understand but also remember important aspects about daily business could be to watch ten movies, which Aditya Singhal highly recommends in his Poets and Quants article.

The ten movies he has carefully selected allow those who watch them to be inspired to become entrepreneurs, learn what consequences wrong decision-making can bring with it and value what’s truly important in life. Even if you are not studying business these movies could be worth watching in order to understand what goes on in our world, which in fact is quite influenced by business decisions being made every day.

(© Poets and Quants, published 6th June 2014)