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"Collaborating with FREIGANG APPLICATIONS CONSULTING was one of the best decisions I have ever made! The consultant I worked with was extremely reliable, worked as quickly as possible and at the same time delivered creative and excellent results. I was thrilled to see the outcome of it all when I got accepted to my No. 1 MBA program at ESADE!"
- Marvin P. South Africa

"FREIGANG AC provided me with support throughout the entire process of my MBA application to one of the world’s top business schools - INSEAD. At any given time, I would receive valuable pieces of advice and could rely on their extremely competent and flexible service in order to create top-notch application documents. Thank you very much for your excellent assistance, which enabled me to achieve my goal!"
- Carmen B., Hong Kong

"I want to thank FREIGANG AC for helping me to get accepted to my top 1 choice for an MBA program: Mannheim Business School. I especially appreciate the support I received when writing my Personal Essays."
- Veena U., India

"Janina was a never ending source of ideas and new perspectives when she dealt with my CV and Personal Statement. She was highly professional, efficient and motivating and kept my panicky parents in the loop when needed. The result: deadlines met, three offers from UK universities, one shortlist - worth every Euro spent!!!"
- Franziska H., Germany

"I cannot express how thankful I am for having decided to hire FREIGANG APPLICATIONS CONSULTING. The consultant I worked with was so helpful and totally focused on my needs and wishes that I was able to send off a wonderful application and got the internship I was most hoping for. Merci beaucoup!"
- Elisa M., France

"The final application I sent off was incomparable to the version I would have submitted without the help of Janina. The quality of my application, which she simply improved massively, helped me to fulfill my dream to get accepted at Cambridge. I really cannot think of a better investment for anything!"
- Nora B., Germany

"With the help of FREIGANG APPLICATIONS CONSULTING I was able to immensely improve my professional appearance, which led to success finally. Especially I appreciated the warm-hearted and dedicated support of my personal and multilingual consultant. Thank you so much for that!"
- Silvia L., Spain

"I received wonderful advice on how to write a compelling cover letter and marveled at the way my new CV looked. Thanks to FREIGANG APPLICATIONS CONSULTING, I got into my number 1 trainee program!"
- Viktoria F., Belgium

"My advisor was not only an editor for me but also a motivator and coach who always had an open ear for my doubts and concerns. It was a great feeling to send off my application knowing that I did the best I could in order to then get accepted at ESADE Business School."
- David B., Germany

"By submitting only one single application for the Master’s program of my dreams in Edinburgh, Scotland, I had put all my eggs in one basket. Thanks to Janina’s incredibly fast and top quality work, I got accepted to that program straightaway and am overjoyed! Even our communication via e-mail, what’sapp and facetime was efficient, timely and flawless despite the fact that we were on two different continents."
- Viktoria V., Germany

"The service I received was completely personalized even though most of the sessions we had were through e-mail and Skype only. I highly recommend the company to anyone who wants to successfully manage their applications process."
- Samuel M., Spain

"Freigang Applications Consulting supported my every step of the way during my job applications - their ideas were creative and highly personalized. I could feel that they were really helping ME and not just working after a routine; they were fast, always answered promptly and motivated me. Shortly after sending out my applications I received invitations to interviews and eventually got the job I dreamed of! I couldn’t be more thankful!"
- Charlotte B., Germany

"By working together with Freigang Applications Consulting I realized how much I was doing wrong when I wrote my applications. I love my cover letter and new CV, which are more significant now and highlight my strengths. Without your professional help I would have not gotten my internship abroad. Thank you so much again for that!"
- Eduardo P., Angola

"FREIGANG APPLICATIONS CONSULTING were a HUGE help to me and gave my application the required ‘edge’ to get accepted at LSE. This way I could realise one of my dreams - to now be studying in London! I will always be grateful for this!"
- Lennart U., Germany





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